Creative Coding

Learn how to code and create digital art!

Live online classes with LTS Digital Coaches.


p5.js - draw with code


your own interactive graphics


Live online classes


your digital artwork

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Learn to start to code the fun way - by creating digital graphics and animations together with the LTS community, guided by LTS Digital Coaches.

During four live online classes we will cover techniques to draw digital images, play with colors and shapes, create animated patterns with loops, and much more.

It's as easy as writing a few lines of code in your browser.

And the best part is that it is 100% free thanks to all our partners who support us and make this possible!


You will:

  • Create your own digital art.
  • Learn and understand some of the coding basics quickly with direct visual feedback.
  • Express your creativity and learn technical skills that will be increasingly important in our digital world.
  • Have fun!


We use a visual coding framework called p5.js based on one of today’s most important coding languages, JavaScript.

Our classes are specifically designed to be accessible to non-technical, younger learners.


In our LTS classes we focus on learning by doing, and we use the same approach here online. The content is transmitted live in small groups via hands-on coding projects.

All live video classes are held and accompanied by LTS Digital Coaches. You are encouraged to experiment and play, and we will support you along the way.

Each class will end with a small challenge where you can apply the concepts you’ve just learned.


  • Age 11-14.
  • No previous coding experience required.
  • Internet connection and access to a web browser.
  • Classes are held in German/Luxemburgish and English (see "Dates and Registration").