GameDev Challenge 2020

Learn how to design and develop your own game!

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Unity - the popular game engine


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You are going to learn how to go from an idea to a finished 3D or 2D game, in just a few weeks! That’s what we do at LTS in the class, and now we are also doing it online!

You will learn to code in a fun and practical way. Game dynamics will not be a secret to you anymore. You will also get a taste of storytelling techniques, digital artwork and online teamworking!

You’ll also have access to Digital Coaches and to our LTS Online Community.

And the best part is that it is 100% free thanks to all our partners who support us and make this possible!



Learn all about this course.

Lesson What is it about? Week
1 Pitch

A short overview of the course.

Week 0
2 Meet your Coaches

Get to know your Digital Coaches.

Week 0
3 Course Structure

Understand how this learning program is organised.

Week 0
4 The Challenge

Everything you need to know about the GameDev Challenge 2020.

Week 0
5 LTS Community

How to join and what is in there for you?

Week 0


Your first steps creating and planning a game.

Lesson What is it about? Week
1 Basics of Unity

Install Unity and learn how to start.

Week 1
2 Unity: Roll-A-Ball

Create your first 3D game. (Suggested Unity Tutorial)

Week 1
3 How to Plan your Game?

Learn how to create a simple and solid plan before starting to code.

Week 1
4 Unity: Beginner Coding (Part 1)

Jumpstart your coding knowledge with an action RPG game. (Suggested Unity Tutorial)

Week 1
5 Choosing an Artstyle

Learn about different artstyles and understand which one fits best your resources and skills.

Week 2
6 Unity: Beginner Coding (Part 2)

Deepen your coding knowledge with an action RPG game. (Suggested Unity Tutorial)

Week 2
7 What to Focus on?

Learn about the LTS checklist and how to make consistent progress.

Week 2


Learn to create fast!

Lesson What is it about? Week
1 Prototype your 3D world

Learn the basics of 3D modelling to create a objects and levels.

Week 3
2 Simple Character Controller

Learn to code your own simple 3D character controller.

Week 3
3 Reusable Character Controller

Learn to use existing and free character controllers.

Week 3
4 Valuable Third-Party Resources

Learn what you need with this list of online resources.

Week 3


LTS Online series focusing on the essentials. Super Short Videos!

Lesson What is it about? Week
1 2D TopDown Movement

Create a simple 2D top-down character controller.

Week 4
2 2D Shooting

Learn to shoot projectiles in 2D.

Week 4
3 2D Particles

Create fun and simple particle effects.

Week 4
4 Scriptable Objects

Learn the basics of Unity’s Scriptable Objects.

Week 4
5 Teamwork in Unity

Learn how to work in a team with Unity

Week 5
  More coming soon    



  1. You must use Unity as game engine.
  2. You must create a 3D or 2D game based on the proposed theme.
  3. Your game must be kids-friendly (no blood, no hardcore violence, no sexual content or references, etc.)
  4. You must create a socially conscious game by avoiding any discriminatory content (based on gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.)
  5. Your team is allowed to buy a maximum of 100€ (your own funds) for third party assets. This is to ensure mainly original work and a fair competition
  6. To register, you must be a high-school student aged between ~14 and ~20 years old.
  7. You can participare individually or as a team of maximum 4 members.
  8. You can only be in one team.
  9. Your team must submit a Game Design Document (GDD)
  10. By registering, you give us permission to use your game in LTS social media communications (videos and images) but you keep the copyright of your game


Lost & Found


Judges will evaluate your game in terms of idea, gameplay, implementation, graphics and teamwork.

1st prize: 1500 €

2nd prize: 1000 €

3rd prize: 750 €

All 3 winners get an additional 1000€ to donate to an NGO of their choice which is helping people affected by COVID-19.

Everyone who submits a game and a GDD, gets an official LTS completion certificate!

In all cases, the game is yours. You are encouraged to continue developing it and to publish it. We can also guide you with that process.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my team?

Right now, you have to register to the course itself. Team registration will be opened after March 30.

Can I create my own team?

Yes, you have to create your team. Everyone in the team must register to the course.

What if I do not have a team?

You can still participate to the challenge. We can also help you make or join a team. This is what the LTS Community is about.

When do we need to submit our game proposal / game design document ?

You have to submit both, your game and your game design document before the 16th of May 2020 at 22h00.

Which script editor would you recommend?

Visual Studio Community Edition works very nicely with Unity, but is heavier. Visual Studio Code is lightweight but requires a few more steps to set up (

Will there be replays of the live sessions?

Yes, you can find the replays in Teams -> General -> Files.

How should we submit the Game? How do we submit our file (game) and where?

You will get the submission steps by email about 2 weeks before the deadline.

What are the assessment criteria for the game?

Games are evaluated based on the idea, gameplay, implementation, graphics and teamwork.

Considering we will all be working online how will you assess teamwork?

We will have seperate calls with the different teams.

In which format should we write the Game Design Document (GDD)?

You can choose any software you want. We just need a PDF version at the end.

How can you do your own design if you dont have Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop?

We will provide a list of free software that will allow you create all the art you need (2D and 3D). If you have a email, you actually have free access to Adobe Photoshop.

Is it possible to be in a group of 2 and receive external help?

Coaches will be at your disposal whenever you need them, regardless of your team size. You will also have the occasion to find other students to join your team.

Could you explain the theme a bit better?

The theme is called "Lost and Found". You can interpret it literally, as finding something/someone that got lost (like in Finding Nemo) or more abstract/deep like finding the meaning of life. You are free to use the theme as you please.

Can the game be multiplayer?

Multiplayer on the same device? Yes. Multiplayer online? This is a lot more work and there might not be enough time. You can replace the "online" aspect with NPC's (Non-Player Characters)

Can the game be an online game? And what about a browser game?

Online games are harder to develop, but a browser game could be more feasible.

What platform is our game supposed to be developed for?

You can build for any platform, but we recommend for Desktops (Windows or MacOS).

How will you rate the teamwork when someone works alone?

No one is penalised by teamwork, but great teamwork is appreciated and rewarded with extra points.

Is there any sort of advantage/disadvantage in being in a group rather than alone?

This is subjective, it depends on you. But if you are alone, you can always join another group if you wish.

How much C# knowledge do we need?

Not much, you can learn a lot from the tutorials and ask the coaches for support at all times.

Are there any limits to the assets we can use in our game from the Unity Asset Store?

Yes, the limit is $100. If you already own paid assets, they count as well in the limit. Discounted assets are counted at their discounted price and not full price.

Can I put animals, magic animals and monster?


Can we make a 2D game?

Sure! In our website you will also find tutorials for 2D games.

Are we expected to do everything from scratch or can we use pre-existing non-copyrighted sprites and art?

You can use pre-existing non-copyrighted sprites and art as well as create your own.

While we are developing the game, do we have to develop it with only what we learned during the online course, or can we also develop with previous knowledge we had before the online course?

Of course, you can use your previous knowledge. There are no limits.

Is there any evaluation difference between a 2D game and a 3D game?; like 3D games get more points than 2D...

No. The style have no impact in the evaluation.

Are we allowed to reuse other game ideas?

You can always get inspired in other game ideas and reuse some of them while keeping your personal touch.

Where will the videos be published?

In the Game Development section of this website.

Are we allowed to use a game we made in last year's game module if it was made with Unity?

You need to create a new one :)

Does a person with little game dev knowledge have a chance to win?

We try to make is as easy and accessible as possible for any level. Coaches are also there to help. We are basically "free" team members.

Can people still sign up for the course after it has started?

You can sign up until 4th of April.