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The Luxembourg Tech School A.s.b.l (LTS for short) is a new extracurricular school to support the development of future Digital Leaders.

It is aimed at 11-19 years old students who are passionate about the digital realm and eager to learn and apply technology in a real business context.

The first pilot started September 2016 with about 30 students from the Lycées at the Geesseknäppchen Campus. This was a immediate success and LTS is now in more than 10 schools and is coaching more than 200 students!

Students follow a Business and Technology program divided into three blocks. They get personalized coaching and work on their own projects, which they showcase at the end of each block.


One more level

This new program is for children aged 11 - 14 years old. You will create your own animated digital art! At the same time, you will learn the basics of coding, how computers work and tinker with materials and objects.

The classes are weekly and will be in German/Luxemburgish and English.


The adventure continues

With more than 83% of positive feedback, many students asked us:
"What about next year? What is the plan?".

The plan is to go to the next level! The program is even more spectacular and focuses on Space Resources and A.I. for Finance.

Virtual FinTech Hackathon on Sustainable Investment


Fun, exciting & challenging

The program is organised into 3 blocks / courses. Each course is 12 weeks long and centered on one specific business domain. At the end of each course, you (the student) will have the opportunity to present your project to the real world!

The program below is a preview of the cool topics that are covered. There won't be much theory (a little is always useful). It is filled with practical examples, exercices and you work on your own project! You will learn a lot about software development, entrepreneurship and even increase your presentation skills by multiple factors.

It won't be easy, but at the end you will have created an awesome piece of work, will have learned a ton of things and most importantly you will have had a lot of fun.

Program : LEVEL 1

Program : LEVEL UP


A method you will love

With over 17 years of teaching experience at the University, Asst-Prof. Dr. Coronado (associé) developed a learning method called Speed Project Management that focuses on creating and maintaining a continous learning dynamic environment.

Everything is based on team work around creative and innovative ideas. Ideas comes from you and your team, and a Coach will guide you along the process. “Get it done” is the moto and Project Management will be your magic tool.

Open Scope Selection

Do I find it interesting? Do I care about it?

Nothing kills your motivation more than working on something you do not feel passionate about. There is no secret. You heard the "do what you love". Well, once you do what you really like, you will discover the kind of motivation, drive and success that will propel you further forward than any other method.

That is why we encourage you to work on your own project. The scope is wide open and we provide you with a Playground - The Place to develop your ideas. You propose what you like. We help, guide and advise you at every moment.

With a flavor of Business

Get a feel of the business. Love it

Business and technology go hand in hand. Technology evolves at an unbelievable speed and tomorrow more will be possible. It can be used to solve problems faster, better and with less effort, build business opportunities, disrupt entire fields... and having a lot of fun while trying it.

Context is important. It is not only about technology, it is about what problem to solve and for whom; business, the society, the entire humanity...

"Flow" work assignments

Enjoy the work and commit fully.

You have your selected scope, you love it and are deeply motivated to make it happen. Now, your muscle needs to flex and results needs to be delivered. The "Flow" is the key to produce constant, sustainable and high quality results.

Each week you have assignments, specific to your project. Those are not tests nor exams, but clear goals and challenges that you will need to work on. This will create a measurable and trackable progress that will excite you, week after week.

And keeping up the rhythm

Weekly follow-up and coaching.

Every week, we meet and follow up on the progress. This is the moment to reflect on the work done, the problems found and the next steps. The rhythm is not about rushing things and burning out, it is about building up a speed at wich you are able to make serious progress day after day, week after week and month after month.

Through very personalised coaching, you will get all the required information that you need to move forward. Whether it is about ideas, algorithms, user experiences, designs, strategies, marketing, business, sales or anything else, we've got your back!


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