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Level Go

Would you like to create digital art and animations with shapes, patterns and images? And at the same time learn the basics of coding and computers? Are you between 12 and 14 years old and curious to explore the world of technology?

Age: 12-14
Duration: 1 Academic Year
Creative Coding illustration

Creative Coding

  • Create digital and animated graphics with code
  • Understand the basics of coding
  • Code first web development projects
  • Express yourself creatively
Digital Thinking illustration

Digital Thinking

  • Discover how to talk to machines and computers
  • Strengthen your logical thinking online and unplugged
  • Get a first understanding of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
  • Build up your digital knowledge, skills and values
Interaction Design illustration

Interaction Design

  • Learn how machines and humans interact
  • Start to work with microcomputers
  • Get to know simple robots and learn more about Space
  • Have enough time to explore and tinker

Level 1

Interested to learn about technology, teamwork and to work on your own project? This level covers several industries and will set you on the path to become a Digital Leader.

Age: 15-19
Duration: 1 Academic Year
GameDev illustration


  • How to develop Video Games
  • From idea to market
  • Create & design art for games
  • Sharpen your coding skills
  • Learn professional game engines
AI Everywhere illustration

AI Everywhere

  • Discover Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Build your own AI
  • Make data speak
  • Develop intelligent web services
  • Code with Python
FinTech illustration


  • App Design & User Experience (UX)
  • How financial transactions work
  • Prototype innovative banking apps
  • Implement your own Blockchain
  • Learn about web security

Level Up

With more than 85% satisfaction from Level One students, they asked for more. The next level covers even more technological domains and will let you discover Space and the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Age: 15-19
Duration: 1 Academic Year
Requirement: Complete Level One
Space Resources illustration

Space Resources

  • Learn & understand the basic elements of Space Mining
  • Motivate Space Explorations, Sciences & Robotics
  • Mission Planning & Communication
  • Program drones & rovers
  • Deploy senors & collect data
  • Learn about autonomous robots
Emerging Tech illustration

Emerging Tech

  • Discover the Future of Tech
  • Experience Brain-Computer Interfaces
  • Dive into Quantum Computing
  • Create with Augmented/Virtual Reality
  • Get hands on with Wearables
  • Build Applications of the Future
AI Creativity & Arts illustration

AI Creativity & Arts

  • Discover Generative Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
  • Understand the limits of A.I.
  • Create music with A.I.
  • Generate stories
  • Draw artistic images & videos
  • Work on your own A.I. art project

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