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Unique Methodology

Developed over years of teaching experience, our method focuses on creating and maintaining a continious learning and dynamic environment.

Everything is based on hands-on project work around creative and innovative ideas. Ideas comes from you and your team, and a Coach will guide you along the process. In Level G0 you get a playful and fun introduction into the world of Creative Coding and Computers with many small projects and activities. In Level One and Up, “Get it done” is the moto and Project Management will be your magic tool.

How does it really work? 4 key aspects are making the LTS learning environment unique and engaging.

Your Projects

"Do I find it interesting?", "Do I care about it?". Those are questions that deeply concerns us. We believe that working on something you feel passionate about is the key to learning and growth. There is no secret. You know the mantra "do what you love". Well, once you do what you really like, you will discover the kind of motivation, drive and success that will propel you further forward than any other method.

In Level G0 you will be able to express yourself creatively through many hands-on projects. We show you the basic steps and you can create your own versions. In Level One and Up, we encourage you to work on your own project. The scope is wide open and we provide you with a professional playground, a place to develop your ideas. You bring your ideas and motivation. We help, guide and advise you at every step.

Project based representation

Enter the Business and Creative World

Business and technology go hand in hand. Technology evolves at an unbelievable speed and tomorrow more will be possible. It can be used to solve problems faster, better and with less effort, build business opportunities or generate new designs and artworks... and having a lot of fun while trying it.

The context in which you are applying technlogy is important. At LTS, you will learn to use technology to create new things, solve problems for businesses, society, the entire humanity...

At LTS, you will get a flavor of the business and creative side of technology that will help you become a Digital Creator and a Digital Leader.

Business and creative world

Personalised Coaching

The key to enter the world of technology, coding and design and to complete your projects successfully is to stay in the "flow" of creating constant, sustainable and high-quality results. Luckily, you are not alone.

Through very personalised coaching, you will get all the required information and support that you need to learn new things and move forward. Whether it is about ideas, technology, graphics, user experiences, designs, strategies, marketing, business, sales or anything else, we've got your back!

During Level One and Up, each week you have assignments, specific to your project. Those are not tests nor exams, but clear goals and challenges that you will need to work on. In all levels you will have a measurable and trackable progress that will excite you, week after week.

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The LTS Classroom

Our LTS Classroom is devoted to give you the right balance of guidance and support paired with the curiosity and freedom to explore so that you will be able to create real digital products, artworks or services. The focus during the class lies on practical and interactive activities.

Throughout the modules of Level G0 you will get step-by-step explanations, you will be exploring and experimenting and developing a plethora of ideas and creations. At the start of the modules in Level One, you get access to new online learning material such as videos and tutorials that you can watch anywhere. The first few classes of Level One and Level Up are crash courses where you learn the basics of certain technologies needed to work on your projects. After that, you spend the rest of the classes working in teams on your own project.

Project based representation

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