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For Participants and Parent

Does the program cost anything? Down arrow

No, all LTS programs are completely free thanks to the support of our partners.

Who can join LTS? Down arrow

You can participate in one of our programs if you are between 12 and 19 years old and if you are an active student in the Luxembourgish school system during the full school year. You don't need any previous technical or coding knowledge. Of course, you should be interested to learn more about the field of technology and have the desire to delve deeper and work on projects.

How long does the program last? Down arrow

All our programs last for one full school year (September - July).

In which Level do I start? Down arrow

You can start with either Level G0 (12 - 14 years old) or with Level 1 (15-18 years old). For our Level UP, you must have successfully completed Level 1.

Do I need a laptop? Down arrow

Yes. If your school does not provide you with a laptop, LTS will provide you with one free of charge for the whole school year. All you need to bring along is motivation, creativity and reliability.

In which language are the programs held? Down arrow

English is the dominant language in the technology sector and is also the official language of our LTS courses (except for some courses in Level G0). However, you don't need to worry that you don't know English well enough to participate. Our LTS coaches speak different languages and can help you in Luxembourgish, French or German if you have any questions.

Can I choose only one module or start during the course of the school year? Down arrow

Usually our programs all start in the beginning of the school year (September) and last for the full school year (until July). You can't participate in individual modules because they build on each other. If you only discovered LTS during the course of the school year, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will advise you individually.

When and where do my courses take place? Down arrow

LTS takes place in our partner lycées and on different days of the week. For the extracurricular programs, we will contact you in July and you can choose the best course option for you.

Do the courses also take place during the school holidays? Down arrow

No. We follow the official holidays planning of the public Luxembourgish school system and there are no classes during those periods.

Do I get a degree or certification? Down arrow

If you have participated in at least 80% of all lessons during the school year and have completed the final projects of the modules (in case of Level 1 and Level UP), you will receive a "Certificate of Completion" from us. This is not an official degree, but it certifies that you have dealt with different technologies in a business and creative context during the course of one full year.

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