Meet The Digital Coaches!

Each specialized in their own Tech domain!

Sergio Coronado

The guy making things happen

He loves learning everyday, teaches and manages all kinds of stuff. He also started LTS.

Ralph Marschall

The one on the videos

He loves software and creates lots of teaching content. He also designs stuff.

Anush Manukyan

Co-Founder & Head of Innovation
The feminine A.I. touch

She loves making robots super smart and teaches things to students. She also creates cool content.

Christophe Trefois

The guy living in the terminal

He loves sharing knowledge and handles the teaching platform. He also solves technical issues.

Rocio Lopez Perez

AI Research Associate
The c.o.d.e. machine

She loves creating educational chatbots and working with students to realize their projects. Her passion is to educate the younger generations.

Sara Kaiser

Program Director
The STEAM pro

She loves to bring arts, humanities and creativity into technology. Encourages young people to explore the world with open minds and to create colorful and meaningful experiences.

Georges Jentgen

Lead Coach
Living in the clouds

He loves software with a special focus on UX, front-end solutions, web and mobile app development. All connected to the clouds, obviously.

Filipe Costa Pinto

Digital Coach
Innovation addict

He loves to create, educate and is fascinated by innovation.

Melvyn Mainini

Digital Coach
Maths runs through his veins

He loves logic AND geometry AND everything else about mathematics.

Valentin Grouès

Lead Coach
The Software Ninja.

He loves technology, programming and obviously Software!

Gary Cornelius

Digital Coach
Code Poet

Interested in every new Techology. Simple!

Antonio Del Rio

Digital Coach
Digital Leader

He loves tech, especially blockchain and space exploration! After being a student at the LTS himself, he is really excited to be an LTS coach!