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Photo of an LTS Creative Coding for All session

A Revolutionary Tech Education Initiative

Creative Coding for ALL (CC4ALL for short) is a program that was launched in collaboration with Croix Rouge Luxembourg in 2020 and is today fully supported by the André Losch Fondation. The program’s main goal is to make education accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We believe that with an inclusive, supportive, and well-equipped learning environment, everyone can learn, grow, and excel. This program is more than just about tech education. It is a movement to empower learners from all backgrounds and abilities in an increasingly digital world.

Students are exploring coding for the first time. They are creating their first digital art in our CC4ALL workshops for schools and Summer Camp.

Expanding Horizons: CC4ALL’s Growth to Include Diverse Learners

CC4ALL first focused on helping refugee kids aged 11-15 learn digital skills through Creative Coding. We are thrilled to share that our program has now expanded in Luxembourg’s tech education landscape. It now includes ASD (autism spectrum disorder) students and those with special educational needs (SEN). Our expansion has made CC4ALL an exceptional and one-of-a-kind digital education program and we are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of our students.

Innovative Curriculum: Blending Digital Creativity with Personalised Learning

We inspire digital creativity and encourage holistic development. We do this through Creative Coding, Digital Thinking, and Interaction Design. That’s why we’ve designed a tailored and enriched curriculum. It combines personalised support, essential tools like donated laptops, and hands-on learning experiences. We cover a wide range of topics, from digital graphics to AI basics. Furthermore, we incorporate fun and exploratory activities using physical computing tools like micro:bits, Arduino, and mBots. This makes learning exciting and easy for everyone.

Interactive Learning: Real-World Applications of CC4ALL’s Curriculum

Discover interactive learning with CC4ALL. Our curriculum engages students with real-world digital technology projects. Our innovative activities showcase how we bring coding and digital concepts to life.

Photo of an LTS Creative Coding for All session

During our exploratory session, we used micro:bits with Scratch to teach digital skills to our ASD students. The micro:bits are small, programmable computers. They provide a fun and interactive way to learn computing concepts, as proved in the picture. In this session, the students creatively used these devices to create a heart shape. They brought it to life by simulating a pulsating heartbeat. This hands-on activity was immensely enjoyable. It also served as an excellent exercise in fine-tuning their motor skills.

Photo of an LTS Creative Coding for All session

We have a task at hand - repairing a smart home that is controlled by Arduino but has been hacked. This exercise aims to prove that coding is not just about understanding code. It’s also about how these blocks can bring an LED light to life or open a door in a smart home model. It’s about making the abstract more concrete. It fosters curiosity and teamwork and encourages further exploration!

We’d love to help your child succeed! If you think our courses could be a good fit for them, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

More Than Coding: The Four Pillars of CC4ALL’s Mission

We designed our “Creative Coding for ALL” program to go beyond coding :

  • ⁠Empowerment: Equipping students with basic digital skills and coding skills for independence and confidence.

  • ⁠Overcoming Challenges: Using digital education to transcend personal and societal barriers. This is especially true with our ASD students whom we have seen become more socially active and confident through these activities.

  • ⁠Leadership: Cultivating tomorrow’s digital pioneers with foundational tech knowledge.

  • ⁠Pioneering Innovation: Preparing students to lead in the digital era.

Evolving Education: Emerging Technologies for Digital Inclusion

Photo of an LTS Creative Coding for All session

At LTS, we continuously improve our educational content. We explore new technologies to address specific challenges faced by students with special needs. For instance, our workshop with QTrobot helps autistic students overcome social and educational challenges (see picture above). This highlights our dedication to innovative learning solutions.

Recognitions and Collaborations: Celebrating CC4ALL’s Achievements and Partnerships

CC4ALL has an impressive track record of winning awards, such as the 2021 Youth Award and the 2022 FNR Award. We have established fruitful partnerships with organizations like Autisme Luxembourg and CTSA (Centre pour enfants et jeunes présentant un trouble du spectre de l’autisme). CC4ALL is continuously expanding its reach. In fact, there are even more partnerships in the pipeline for 2024. We are also the first organisation from Luxembourg to join the 2022-2024 Scratch Education Collaborative (SEC) cohort. This aligns LTS with global organisations that share the mission of making programming universally accessible.

We are not just a coding program. We are a community dedicated to making the digital landscape more inclusive and creative. Join us to empower the next generation of digital creators! Contact us to explore collaborative possibilities. Let’s shape a future rich in digital innovation and creativity!

Proud students received their first “Digital Creator” T-shirt from LTS on the last day of school 2022.
One year later, we ended the school year with a visit from a new friend: QTrobot.

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